Since 2003, GIOTTO has been researching, designing and manufacturing machines and modules for the automation of assembly, testing and welding processes. The systems created by GIOTTO are present in all the main areas of industry, with success in the electronic-mechanical sector, automotive components and niche sectors such as sensors.

The bold engineering innovations, the use of increasingly advanced technologies, the continuous investment in research and development have made GIOTTO a national player in just a few years.

Our dedication to our customers and our attention to their production problems are values that distinguish us and are indispensable.

Our mission

Designing and building customer-oriented equipment and machines for the most diverse needs in automating production processes.
We listen to our customers’ requests to help them achieve their aims, accompanying them in the development with real support at every stage, from design to testing and finally to installation.
An ideal partner you can count on throughout the life of your installation.