Hydrostatic pressurisation table


This equipment is the result of GIOTTO Srl's experience in the calibration of electronic pressure transducers. It is well known that calibrating a pressure transducer requires subjecting it at the point of connection to the process to varying levels of pressure within the established working range, ensuring high stability and accuracy. The equipment is designed to pressurise a liquid and basically consists of:

● An automatic pressure generation system (PROTECTED BY THE INTERNATIONAL PCT PATENT APPLICATION FILING) capable of operating in a range from 0 bar to 2000/4000/7000 bar depending on the desired size.

● A high-pressure system that is adapted to the customer’s specific needs, equipped with a series of pneumatically-controlled valves and fitted with a vacuum generation system (necessary to eliminate the air present in the circuit before pressurisation).

● By a control system that manages all the devices present. Specifically, the equipment shown as an example in the photographs is capable of pressurising a manifold (external to the equipment) on which 50 transducers are positioned up to a maximum pressure of 2000 bar.
It is equipped with 5 reference pressure transducers with different full scale (by customer’s decision) and is able to guarantee a pressure accuracy/stability in the circuit of:

● 0.0015 bar for pressures up to 30 bar

● 0.005 bar for pressures up to 100 bar

● 0.0175 bar for pressures up to 350 bar

● 0.05 bar for pressures up to 1000 bar

● 0.1 bar for pressures up to 2000 bar